Like and Share Everything: What a good buy if you are newbie for makeup?

What a good buy if you are newbie for makeup?

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Today, I will recommend the cosmetic of makeup for newbie. What should you buy? Before you’ll start for makeup yours face.

But it is not fixed formula for makeup. It is the foundation. If you know about this, you can adjust or change the style of makeup you want.

Ok let’s go!

Cosmetics for Basic Makeup

The first piece is the Foundation. To makes the face smooth. Read more for how to choose foundation.

Eyebrow pencil. It makes us to look good, when see on the face.

Eye shadow. For newbie who do not waste a lot of money, recommended to buy palette eye shadow.

Mascara. Mascara as accessories of eye shadow. Because if do not it, your face to look not a perfect.

Blush on. To makes the face to look bright and lively.

Lipstick/Lip gloss. It is well-know.

Basic Makeup Video Tutorial

*In the video there are used a difference cosmetics for the makeup. But it is useful for the video tutorial.

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